Canadian Diamonds in Toronto

Looking for a timeless, beautiful gift for a loved one? Wish to buy an engagement ring, a diadem or a diamond bracelet? Or perhaps you wish to invest in the precious jewels in our precarious financial times? Whichever your desire, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Toronto Jewellery for Less – your best choice when it comes to buying, selling, trading and designing custom jewellery. We deal with gold, diamonds, and other precious stones and metals with care and professionalism. Our prices are among the lowest you can find, and our customer service is unparallelled.

Canadian Diamonds Store in Toronto

Diamonds have been known as “a girl’s best friend”, but they have also always served as one of the most reliable avenues of investment. In addition to their dazzling beauty, diamonds were worn as a testament of station and affluence.

In the modern world we may not wear them as openly as did 18 century European Nobles, but we still recognize the value of having a collection of diamonds in a private deposit box. And even when not used as an investment, diamonds are still one of the most sought-after precious stones, used in jewellery, accessories and clothing.

Canadian diamonds are especially known for their unparalleled quality and value. They are sought after all over the world, with Canadians being among the most enthusiastic buyers, recognizing the value of having those undying heirlooms in the family. Another undeniable benefit of buying Canadian diamonds is that they are certified as conflict free, meaning that they did not come at the expense of human life or used to fund civil war, as some diamonds from Africa may have done.

Toronto Diamonds for Everyone

Our diamonds come from all over the world, but mainly from our own Canadian Arctic diamond mines. The proximity and access to Canada’s rich diamond resources allows us to offer a variety of amazing quality diamonds to our customers, at unprecedented prices.

We offer diamonds on a wholesale and retail level, satisfying all categories of customers, bringing you a variety of services:


  1. Fine Canadian Diamonds
  2. Fine Diamond Jewellery
  3. Custom Diamond Jewellery
  4. Diamond Jewellery Cleaning and Repair
  5. Used Diamond Jewellery Purchase
  6. Engraving Work and Decoration

With our diamonds, you know the exact origins and quality of the jewel in addition to witnessing its undeniable beauty. Our family-run store practices a personal approach with every customer, making you feel at home, while catering to your exact needs. Whether you are buying, selling or investing, we are here for you. And we don’t only offer the finest grade Canadian diamonds a Toronto store can offer, but do it at wholesale prices.


We achieve this by cutting on overhead and passing the savings on to you, our valued customers. Our family run operation is tight and efficient, which also means that we keep a high level of quality control that a large store may have difficulty maintaining.

The result is a brilliant Canadian diamonds Toronto experience that will fill you with joy, serving you with exactly what you need, at unprecedented costs. You will be dazzled by the diamonds, and astounded by the prices!

Please drop in our store on Queen Street East or visit our eBay stores to see our inventory.

We look forward to servicing all of your jewellery needs.