Diamond Buyers & Sellers in Toronto

It is not unusual when you need some extra cash, to convert your diamond jewellery into dollars. In fact, many Toronto families keep diamonds for exactly this purpose. Converting carats into money should be easy, but sadly, it is often not the case.

With pawn shops being the most common option, sellers find themselves facing unpleasant, greedy shop owner types that will offer them a pittance in exchange for a valuable piece of jewellery. But does it have to be this way? Not at all. There is an alternative which allows you to sell your diamond jewellery discretely, with dignity and for an honest, fair price.

An Honest Diamond Buyer Toronto

Bringing your diamonds to us will give you access to a polite, pleasant service and fair treatment. While pawn shops will treat visitors like beggars, we treat everyone like a valued customer, which you absolutely are.

The fair treatment is supplemented by an open and honest evaluation system – you get to know exactly what the price per carat is, and what the handling fee it. When you visit us, you will be able to see for yourself that an equivalent diamond will not be sold for that much more in our storefront. This is our guarantee to our customers, showing you that you get a fair treatment all around.

Another way in which we differ from many other diamond buyers in Toronto, is that we offer you a free evaluation of your diamonds and other jewellery on the spot. We keep no secrets and hold no information hostage. The evaluation is done right in front of you, giving you the exact price and details, so if you don’t want to sell your jewellery right away, it is not a problem!

How does it work? You come over and get a full evaluation on your valuables. Then you can take the evaluation, shop around, and if you find someone who will buy it for more – good for you! We are confident that it will not be an easy search, and that’s why we are never worried that our customers might not return. Our prices are the best and so is the service.

Customer Service Oriented Diamond Buyers

As we mentioned before, in addition to transparency and unmatched prices, we also offer an unparallelled level of customer service. As a family run store, we base our business not on immediate gain, but on building lasting relationships with our clients. Returning customers and referrals, in addition to low overhead costs, is what guarantees our long lasting success in the jewellery and diamond market. Our dedicated staff will gladly answer all of your questions regarding diamond and jewellery sale and purchase prices, as well as give you information about carats and the difference between diamond grades.

Our commitment to trust and quality is based on openness and a welcoming approach. It is what secures our large customer base. Call or stop by and you will see for yourself! We are here for you.

Please drop in our store on Queen Street East or visit our eBay stores to see our inventory.

We look forward to servicing all of your jewellery needs.