Engagement & Wedding Rings

Welcome to Toronto Jewellery For Less, your best, most reliable source of silver, gold and diamond jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings. Our store deals with leading designers and suppliers of valuable jewellery in Toronto and Canada, allowing us to bring you the best wares in great variety. In addition to the high quality, our tightly-knit model of operation also allows us to wow you with our amazing prices.

Toronto Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a precious tradition and are taken very seriously by most Canadian couples. The unmistakable symbolism of commitment expressed in the ring’s value is supplemented by the beauty of the ring itself. Every ring is a statement, expressing the emotions of the giver. The balance of value and beauty are personal for each buyer and should express his personal desires and preferences. When you kneel to propose, the message you send should be unmistakable. We will help choose the perfect ring for your beloved, and if you don’t want a manufactured ring, then we can make a custom engagement ring just for you. It will be not only beautiful, but absolutely unique as well.

Toronto Wedding Rings

The wedding band may be a simpler piece of jewellery than the engagement ring, but it still has a role of great importance. It has to be made of supreme quality gold so as to be durable. In fact, as far as durability is concerned, the wedding band should have more of it than the engagement ring. After all, it is meant to be worn every day for many, many years. Thousands of customers around Toronto can testify of our store’s unparallelled quality and dazzling variety of wedding rings.

Canadian Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

The most popular choice of precious stone for engagement rings is the diamond. And the best choice of diamond you can possibly make is a Canadian diamond, harvested in our Canadian Arctic mines and brought to perfection by local specialists. The Canadian diamond is of supreme quality, among the best in the world. It is also harvested in Canada, which gives Canadians the first access to this precious stone at first-rate prices. Lastly, but not least importantly, Canadian diamonds are “conflict free” certified, and you don’t have to worry that they may have been acquired at the cost of human lives with the money going to finance terrorism or war. Choosing Canadian diamond for your wedding or engagement ring is both Rational and Moral.

Custom Wedding Rings in Toronto

When you decide to go for something really special, and nothing found on a shelf will possibly do, we can still satisfy your need. We employ custom jewellers that will produce a wedding or engagement ring made to your exact specifications, from simple matching bands to complex affairs with incrustations and intricate engraving. Just bring us your idea and we will turn it into vivid reality!

In short, when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, Toronto has no better place to visit than our jewellery store. We charge you less, and give you – more.

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