Jewellery Toronto

When you are looking for a jewellery store in Toronto, what you need is reliable quality, fair prices and friendly customer service. Additionally, there are considerations like the variety of styles, designs and materials. We at Toronto Jewellery For Less pride ourselves for meeting and exceeding all those criteria.

Our dedication to excellence in quality services of selling, buying, repairing, cleaning, designing and engraving gold, silver, diamond or other jewellery is well known. If you need any services that have to do with jewellery, you can rely on us to offer it with a smile and for much less than the competition.

Canada’s Arctic Diamonds

We are one of Toronto’s most reliable suppliers of Canadian diamonds, certified “conflict free” and rated among the highest quality precious stones in the world. Offered at pretty much factory prices, those diamonds are in high demand for use in engagement rings, necklaces and as a form of investment. We all know how shaky the dollar and stock market can be, but diamond prices can only rise up. They are anchored in the natural rarity of the precious stone, which perfectly supplements its unparalleled beauty.

Custom-Designed Jewellery Toronto

In addition to a wide collection of jewellery, we offer you the option of creating your own beautiful precious adornments, whether for your personal use or as a unique gift. Each item can be produced to the exact specification of the customer and even using materials you bring to us.

We can take and rework an old gold ring into a new design, or melt together a few pieces of old jewellery to create something entirely new. This means you can pay for the workmanship only, saving a great deal on the material itself. One of the popular trends now is to take engagement rings that were used by grandparents and re-working them into more modern designs. What an amazing tribute to the family and creative way to save!

Buyers of Used Jewellery Toronto

If you are short on cash and wish to sell old gold, silver, or diamond jewellery, we are also the place to go to! We are here for you, and offer free evaluations and fair, open prices in addition to friendly customer service that you will come to love and appreciate.

Jewellery Repair and Cleaning

Old jewellery is known to suffer from the effects of time and wear. It gets scratched, stained or even broken. Necklaces get torn and rings need to be resized. For all those services and more, what you need is our professional service. It is a source of pride to us that we don’t only buy and sell, but offer a 360 degree service when it comes to jewellery. There is not a thing that we don’t know or cannot do in this field. Even if it seems like there is nothing that can be done to save a favourite ring or necklace – we can still more than likely do it. Contact us now and enjoy the best prices and customer service in Toronto!

Please drop in our store on Queen Street East or visit our eBay stores to see our inventory.

We look forward to servicing all of your jewellery needs.