Filming 3.5

Andew reviewed previous meeting minutes

Harold said there is a disconnect between parties involved, Toronto film ensues the content is correct Letter of Notification(LoN) and trusts production to include the Code of Conduct(CoC), now that we are aware of the problem we can make sure the letter of notification is proper especially in Leslieville.

Cathy asked wouldn’t you want to do that across the city?

Allen noted the Film Toronto is required to inspect and approve every LoN

Harold said no, the info is on the Toronto website, there are 1000’s of documents to look at but we can look at that as a whole, smart people can determine the rules for themselves,

Cathy – Why can’t the rules be standard, we are looking for consistency, if you publish something, make it true, who is enforcing it?

Harold – Mr Malloy seems to be the enforcer for this area, in other areas it is residents

Allen – Who is monitoring them, they can’t be self regulating

Harold – we act if there are a number of resident or stakeholders with an issue, in this case it is just you

Allen reiterated previously recognized examples of productions ignoring the rules

Harold said we offered fixes to them and asked to show more examples especially from others
we want more than 1 complaint, I understand it does not satisfy your requirements
Allen – It does not satisfy your own page

Harold – I believe the page is not written in the context of black & white, it  is a complaint driven system, we don’t shut people down for infractions, looks bad on production if they don’t comply

Allen showed multiple LoN’s from the last year, all but one omitted the CoC, stating production admitted they purposely omit the CoC so people don’t call them in error

Harold said they have staff on the ground also

Allen and Cathy met with Chris Moulson (staff on the ground) and still they did not do what the said they were going to do and when found on location he gave what appeared to be misleading information about the permission they had to block vehicular access to Lesliegrove Park

Quite a bit of conversation on how to get a proper LoN done

What to do for noncompliance, pictures were shown displaying examples of non compliance and Harold gave possible reasons for the pictures, citing the example of other possible infractions “Do you have an A Frame in front of your store?”

Allen said that if I do I get ticketed for it, who is ticketing these guys

Susan of Fletchers office said the concern is that production is feeling harassed and is starting to move away

Allen – they are being harassed by being asked to obey the law?

Susan said we show by our getting together we are trying, we need to find a way to work together, we need to change the tone because this way of proceeding is not going to do it

Harold describes the process in getting a permit saying Location Managers(LM) must deliver LoN, Cathy states Fletchers office has being doing it lately not the LM

Susan – Can there be a check list for the LM?

Mike – Can we verify the LM are doing the due diligence?

Allen – Fletchers office is sending LoN  to the BIA lately, not production, when Susan states Production will leave Leslieville if we complain is saying they will use up there welcome here and go elsewhere if we require them to obey the rules

Susan asked Mike to state why he attended today

Mike said he read the email chain the tone of the emails is not appropriate for Board members

Allen said he will step down if need be and I will pursue it on my own

Andrew said it seems apparent Allen you do not want the film industry in the neighborhood

Allen – I don’t care if they are in the neighbourhood, I want them to obey the rules

Andrew – its one thing to work co-operatively but you are nitpicking

Allen – I have a business to run, I can’t watch there all day, I bring you the examples you asked for in the short amount of time I allotted for myself to do what you are not doing for you, and  say I am nitpicking and it is not enough

Andrew – There are definitely CoC and rules and processes that have fallen apart that you have identified that need to be fixed. It seem there is no set priority and you are only identifying things that are wrong.

Allen – My main issue is we met in November, wrote down some recommendations of things that were proposed to happen, nothing did happen, here we are again, Eric from Film Toronto sat here and said things, Harold negated what he said, so what is the purpose of this

Harold – I am not negating anything, we will be making changes from this meeting, the squeaking wheel will be fixed

Mike – Back to the point, when you speak to the issue on behalf of the Board you need to speak on behalf of the Board

Allen – That is why in my last email I did not identify myself with the Board but rather just as a business owner

Andrew – you cant change it , the position was already established

Allen – then you are going to have to figure out if I will stay on the Board or not, the emails are not going to stop and the tone, well that’s the way I speak, so figure out how to kick me out

Mike – Your email said “Thank you for answering, I thought I was not going to get a response”, that is not appropriate from a Board member

Allen – previously in my contact with Ariana she did not respond until I reminded her so I thought it was going to happen again

Harold – that was a different contact

Allen – it was the same office

Andrew – To Mikes point we may have to sit down and have a chat about conduct

Allen – So Mike your whole purpose of being here is to talk to me

Mike – no it is to remind about Section 16 of the City Code

Allen – Susan wanted to make sure Mike had a chance to speak before the end of the meeting so Susan knew why you were attending, and Mike is addressing something to me in particular

Harold – the reason why Mike is here is that it is a BIA issue, so he is invited and decides if he want to come or not

Susan – I will add there is an economic development and culture division, under that division rests the Film Office and the BIA Office, they both have to do with economic development and cultural, that is another reason why Mike is here. There is a very important symbiotic relationship between the two. He is not here to scold any one person

Allen – but you Susan wanted to ensure Mike had a chance to speak before the meeting ended, that is my point, just an observation

Andrew – it is Mike’s role to address issue that are not part of the CoC that we have all had a chance to look at that has to be called out

Allen – Since you have found so many ways to excuse their CoC maybe you can find a way to excuse mine

Magali from the Film Office spoke about the new Give Back program, we can’t impose them to do it but many want to do it.

Andrew  – thank you to everyone, Allen we should talk privately

Allen – I am ok to do this at the Board level

Andrew – I prefer to do this one on one

Allen – I disagree, we can bring it to the Board

Andrew – ok if you don’t want to, Cathy put it as an agenda item


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