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In my opinion as representatives of the BIA we are responsible to the entire membership. All of the membership equally pay their dues and they are the reason we exist. We are not here to grant favors to the select, we are not here to take care of the movie industry, we are here to support membership. Yes some business prosper from production but even among them there is a general consensus that the movie industry is pushing the boundaries too much. I have gone door to door, I have heard from both sides of the question, I am convinced I am speaking for the majority of both businesses and residents in Leslieville. I have even gone door to door in Riverside and gotten signatures over there. I am not just a business owner with too much excess time on my hand, quite frankly this is very time consuming of which I don’t have extra time, but I will fit it in. The discouragement from the few fellow “defenders of the community” on the board is not very encouraging but I don’t need encouraging.


As for my intention, I am putting the movie industry on notice. I am not concerned if I do this as a director of the BIA or just as a business owner/resident, I am doing it. They will know from now on I (or we) are watching.


The problem is the film industry thinks they have a blank check from the City and they use it to do whatever they want. They are self regulating because everyone who is paid to watch over them is paid by them. Even the paid duty officers look the other way, I have watched it. Ariana from the film office declared they “satisfied that requirement of the permit issuance” by speaking to production only (showing they are self monitored) she did not confirm this with us, then she declared “the BIA received a letter (even if it was from a business member)” so just as long as BIA gets the notice of delivery somehow, someway then that is ok?


There are 3 stages of coning, monitoring (cone on the sidewalk) soft coning (cones against the curb) and coning (parking blocked completely). Sunday I went out to the Coady shoot and the were blocking parking East and West of Coady on the North side of Queen unnecessarily. They did this because they could and were allowed to and probably because it was easier. When I spoke to the location manager they moved it and freed up parking. They told us in a meeting they would be monitoring at this time but they went to coning instead. It  was more convenient for them, it was not more convenient for the businesses. Dianne from Parts gallery said it was blocked from early morning, she tried to park in front of her store and was told she could not and to go to the 7-11 lot, the 7-11 lot told her Coady residents only, she went back and the cone guy (Location Support Personnel) told her he would have allowed her earlier if she had asked nicer. The LSP are not there to rebuke the public, but they do. If the information I have is correct then the truth of the matter is legally if go up and put money in the meter, whether or not they have a permit, I have a permit, and I can park legally also, and there is nothing they can do. The LSP are not told that information, nor is the inconvenienced public. With sensitivity training for the LSPs they could have kept that well guarded secret but now it is out.


I have spoken with 6 different location managers or assistant location managers over the past while and even they admit the system is flawed. They bend the rules continuously and admit it freely saying they allow it sometimes, the permit forbids these infractions but since they are self regulating no one is there to argue. The answer they give usually about community cooperation  is “we support the community the best we can” but it is usually after citing they don’t have to because have the permission from the city to do this, that is akin to them saying that they are taking my lunch bag but will allow me to keep my apple.


I have a list of negligent errors they are making continuously, these are only the tip.



Have a good day


Allen Malloy

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