How To Choose Jewellery That Complements Your Face Shape And Skin Tone

Factors like occasion, outfits and body shape affect the type of jewellery you choose to wear. Unfortunately, not so many people are aware that you need to put into consideration your face shape when choosing jewellery more so the tone of the skin. There is a common misconception that jewellery is neutral and can match with any skin tone. This article will give you tips on how to choose jewellery that will suit your face shape and skin tone.

What is your face shape and skin tone?

First things first, you need to find out what is the shape of your face and the tone of your skin. Although everyone has unique facial features, the general outline of a face can be described as either round, oval, square, heart shaped, rectangular or pear shaped.

To find out your face shape, you need to pull back your hair, stand in front of a mirror and then use a pen to trace your face around a tracing paper. Match the general outline you get to one of the shapes to get your face shape.

As for the skin tone, there are two undertones namely: cool and warm. To find out your skin tone, you first have to wash your face to clear any make up you have. Moisturize your face and wait for 15 minutes. Pick a piece of clear white paper and place it to your face. If you see some pinkish accents on the paper then that means you have a cool undertone, if you note a yellowish accent then that means you have a warm undertone.

How to pick jewellery to suit your face shape

When it comes to jewellery, what looks good on one person may not necessarily work for you. Jewellery is supposed to accentuate your facial features and you need to be keen when choosing the right jewellery combination. Jewellery is supposed to bring out your best features while softening the harsher features. So how do you choose what works for your face?

  • Oval face shape: If you have an oval shape, you need to avoid too long dangle earrings with angular shapes. For necklaces, you can choose both short and long options but if you have a long neck, you need to go with a shorter option.
  • Rectangular face shape: When picking earrings, you need to choose short and round to create a contrast between the face and earrings. As for the necklaces, chokers would be a better option for long necks.
  • Heart face shape: Heart shaped faces tend to have a sharp chin and for this reason you need to pick chokers for necklaces to soften the chin. As for earrings, you need to choose drop or dangle to lengthen your face.
  • Round or square face: The best earrings to pick for a round or square face would be oval or angular shaped ones. As for necklaces, you need to pick ones that have extended forms below the neckline.

How to pick jewellery to suit your skin tone

Picking jewellery according to your skin tone requires you to look at two things; the metal to choose and complementary color.

  • Cool skin undertones: If you have a cool skin shade, you need to choose options like white gold, platinum and silver. As for complimentary colors, diamonds and white pearls would be the ideal shades to go with.
  • Warm skin undertones: Warmer metals like gold, brass, pewter and copper are ideal while the golden tone pearls or coral would be the perfect shades.

Today, it is easy to find just the right jewellery for yourself as there are many options you can choose from reputable Toronto jewellery stores. Simply keep the above tips in mind and be on your way to be the proud owner of a jewellery piece that suits both your face shape and skin tone!

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