Sell Your Gold in Toronto

If you’ve hit some hard times, or are simply in need of some cash for one purchase or another – taking out and selling some of your old gold jewellery is not an uncommon solution. It is far better, say, than dipping into a line of credit for which you will end up paying interest. It is far, far better than taking on more credit card debt. Your old gold jewellery is just sitting there, so why not sell it for a few hundred dollars so that you can buy something useful, like a bicycle for the kid or an upgrade for your personal computer. The question is, where do you take the gold when you want to sell it?

The first idea that comes to mind is one of the many cash for gold Toronto pawn shops that are scattered around the city. But when you walk into one of those places, what you often get is a rude attitude from a greedy merchant that offers you lunch-money for jewellery made of precious metals and encrusted with valuable stones. That’s outrageous, but is it the only option? Not at all.

The Right Way of Selling Gold in Toronto

All you need to do is contact us and bring in your gold or silver jewellery. We are not a pawn shop, where the jewellery shares a shelf with forks, keychains and old picture frames, and the whole place looks like it dropped in from a 1940’s street in Brooklyn. We are an exclusive, professional jewellery dealer, specializing in selling, buying, repairing, cleaning and custom making works of art in gold, silver and diamonds. We respect our customers, and take care to invest in pleasant and efficient customer service. We deal in jewellery only, and we know all there is to know about it.

Fair Pricing and Evaluation When Selling Gold

We practice an open, honest pricing and evaluation system that you can enjoy completely free of charge. We understand that you might not want to sell your jewellery right away. No problem at all. You can simply come by, and we will give you the offered price with a full breakdown of what it is offered for, with carats and exact weight specified. From there you can take it home and think on it some more, or visit other places for selling your gold in Toronto. We have done this with hundreds of customers and have seen almost every one of them come back, because you simply can’t get better prices than what we are offering. When you want to get the maximum value of your gold – we are the place to do business with.

Golden Customer Service

We pride ourselves on discreet, friendly and reliable customer service. As a family-run business, Toronto Jewellery For Less can focus on every client as if you were our house guest. We are a small, tightly-knit operation with low overhead and lots of time to dedicate to every single one of our valued customers. Call or come by when you want to sell your gold for more, and we will not disappoint!

Visit Us or Call Us to Appraise & Sell Your Gold & Jewellery

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Please drop in our store on Queen Street East or visit our eBay stores to see our inventory.

We look forward to servicing all of your jewellery needs.