Stop Your Silver Jewellery From Tarnishing And Getting Scratched During Storage!

Silver jewellery is very popular across the world. The main appeal of silver is its color, which when combined with excellent craftsmanship will result in jewellery that you will definitely cherish. However, it’s easy to become disappointed when mistakes are made during handling and storage of jewellery, resulting in a lackluster appearance or other defects. If you buy your jewellery from high quality Toronto jewellery stores, you could ask the store representatives for a few tips and tricks to keep it looking clean and shiny. Some of these include:

Don’t store it in contact with items that might tarnish it

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There are several items that are known to tarnish silver, including plastic, felt and rubber. The common problem between these items is that they release sulfur, which then chemically reacts with the silver resulting in staining or tarnishing. Unfortunately, since this is a chemical reaction, the only way to get rid of it is to have the jewellery polished. If you notice that your silver jewellery has tarnished, try to identify any of the above items which may be in long term contact with the jewellery during storage, and get rid of them. You will also need to get a quality jeweller to polish it for best effect and a minimal risk of damaging the piece.

Though unlikely, storing the jewellery using newspaper is also discouraged. The ink from the newspaper print is usually acidic, and will damage the silver over time. Few people store their jewellery wrapped in newspapers, but having this knowledge will help you avoid the related tarnishing, such as when storing your jewellery next to a newspaper cut-out that has value to you.

Keep it in a soft area

Pure silver is a very soft metal, and is prone to scratching easily. To avoid this, there are some jewellery pieces that are made of sterling silver, which contains a small quantity of another metal in order to harden it. Whether your jewellery is made of sterling or pure silver, it’s important to store it where the risk of scratching is limited. A jewellery box that has a soft lining would be ideal.

If you have to store other pieces within the same jewelry box, it would be ideal to store the softer pure silver pieces in drawstring bags made of soft cloth such as flannel. Any rough contact with the other pieces will not result in any scratching this way. In fact, storing silver jewellery in flannel bags is probably the best way to go about it, since it protects the pieces from scratching, as well as tarnishing. Any items that release sulfur or acid in the vicinity are unlikely to come into contact with the jewellery if it’s in a drawstring flannel bag.

Avoid heat and humidity

Heat and humidity tend to hasten many reactions, including the tarnishing of silver. If you have silver jewellery pieces and need to store them, always find a place that has tolerable levels of either. This might include your bedroom drawers. Bad storage locations include the basement or the attic, as these areas tend to have either heat or a lot of humidity, or both. This is unless you have taken measures to reduce this, such as conditioning the basement and the attic to make them better storage locations for the jewellery.

In addition to having high monetary value, most jewellery also has high sentimental value to the owner. If the jewellery happens to be made of silver, use these tips to keep it shiny and bright for longer. In fact, with proper care, the pieces will look new and superbly maintained for a very long time.


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