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Diamonds have varying shapes. That means that a diamond’s intrinsic characteristic determines the quality for a particular shape. For instance, when you consider the round-shaped diamond, you have to find an option with two cut grades that are rated highest. Round diamonds are more popular because they have been on research for quite long. You need to pay attention to cut grades before settling for a certain diamond shape.

Diamond cut

Diamond cut goes a long way to determine the perception of sparkle in the diamond. It is a vital characteristic that also helps to determine beauty. A perfect diamond is cut in the right proportion. Right proportion cutting enables light to return through the top of the diamond and give out a great sparkle. When the diamond cut is shallow, light is likely to go through the bottom of a diamond. Deep cuts makes light come out through the sides of the diamond, which reduces the sparkle. Therefore, a diamond buyer in Toronto can walk away with the best diamond by settling for “good” and “very good” cut grades.

Diamond clarity

Almost in every diamond that you will come across, you will realize that the measures of tiny imperfections vary. The fact that these imperfections are microscopic makes it barely possible for a diamond’s beauty to be compromised in a discernible manner. Clarity is actually the measure of these imperfections. Therefore, a diamond with the least imperfections gets the best clarity grades. Generally, the imperfections of a diamond should not be visible to the unaided eye. The best clarity grades for diamonds include flawless (FL) and internally flawless (IF) grade. Diamonds with such grades are rare but they promise the best quality.

Carat of diamond

Carat measures the weight of a diamond. Although the carat weight may give you an idea about the weight of a diamond, it does not reveal or reflect the actual size of a diamond. You can know the size of a diamond by considering two essential elements: cut grade of a diamond and the distance across its surface. People determine the size of a diamond wedding ring by looking at the distance across the top of the diamond. Moreover, when a diamond has been cut in the right proportion, it appears larger as a result of the light coming through the top surface. In that case, you should settle for a diamond with an ideal carat and cutting. When these two go hand in hand, you will always get a good diamond.

Generally, you need to look out for a number of things when you walk into a jewellery shop. Shape, cut, clarity and carat weight are very vital elements that can make diamond buying a great experience. In addition, you will be able to learn more about the features and characteristics of quality diamonds as you come across a vast array of diamond jewellery. These points are easy to grasp and you can always use them to get quality diamonds every time you want to grab a piece of jewellery. Keep in mind that you should take your time when evaluating diamonds to ensure all these characteristics check.

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